Peter Terren's Open Day Oct 25 2008

Went off well in great weather.  Particular thanks to my family (Jane for all the food and drink, Chris and Michael for assisting and photography) and the 4 people from the Physics Dept who travelled from Perth and ran the liquid nitrogen display.

This page includes photos of the day (reduced to 1000 pixels).  It is not accessible to the general internet from anywhere unless you know the web address (this page is  ), which I will circulate to those attending. If you want higher resolution pictures (3000 pixels) for printing then email me with a copy of the picture or thumbnail you want and I will email it back directly.



Now I have selected photos in an article on my public website here:

A list of around 50 displays:

Big Tesla coil was the feature with sparks up to 6 feet, also Dalek cage, and sparks striking a fluoro tube, string of CD's, burning wood etc
Capacitor bank for can crusher and exploding steel wool
Smoke ring machine
Bernoulli ball with peacock feathers
Bubble machine
Liquid nitrogen for smashing rubber balls, hammering with bananas, demo of Monel metal and the occasional explosion.
Laptops (3) with Videos/Website.
Jacob's ladder
Big electromagnet (80kg)
Pyramid with lights and tunes
Radioactivity with Geiger counter, with Americium from smoke detector, Uranium ore and marbles, Tritium keyring and radium watchface.
Mini Tesla coil
Tesla coil from MO parts
Tesla coil reconstruction from 30 years ago
4 inch Tesla coil (setup as backup)
Lifter and 80kV display
Ignition coil sparks in a Microwave oven.
Simple ignition coil display running from 12V
Microwaving CD's
Ultraviolet light
Blu-ray laser
Helium-Neon 10mW laser
Helium-Neon 1mW laser
Green 5mW laser scanner
Lemon Battery lighting a LED
Homopolar motor
Power transistor as a LED
Robotic car
Flashing glasses
Autodose medication delivery device
Power supply from 1971
Model solar car
Magnets to push together
Magnetic film
Magnetohydrodynamic boat
Magnetic array
Magnetic meter
Soldering station
Computer plotter
Plasma ball
Diamagnetic Levitation
Capacitor bank 1.5kJ

Pictures: Click to enlarge (remember that higher res pics are available from me directly)