This working folder for assorted site info and reduced sized pics.

A  On Folders (not Reports) (12/6/08), jpg photo total                      = 3230
B   This folder (all thumbnailed)                 132 x2                               = 264
C   "50" and other folders 80 + 8 photos (all thumbnailed) 88 x2     = 176
 D   "Super smoke rings  28x2                                                             =  56
E   Non thumbnailed pics in main site?                                               = 26

{A-(B+C+D+E)}/2 =                                                                                   
Photos full size separate and main site only             Total                  = 1354

Discovery 1      and 2 

Discovery 3       and 4

Original Video

  Original Video

Original Video  







Small Laser pic







Santa Bike Red


X-rated sites that link to me

Oink Spanish Translated
Putalocura Spanish
Subaru-forum Belgian
ifun Russian Translated


I need to warn up front, Voyeurwebbers, that you will find today's Surprise Link absolutely shocking. There, you've been warned. Today link was sent in by a loyal Voyeurwebber Downunder who had this to say about it: "If you don't look at any other parts of the site, look at this ..." There you have it, Voyeurwebbers, a testimonial, hehehe! We think he is referring to a video you can find at the site just by scrolling down a smidge but, in all fairness, there's a lot at the site that is fascinating. So take off all your clothes (it's for their own protection, hehehe!), and, guys, be sure to put a rubber helmet on your "soldier" BEFORE you Click Here

Informedconsent BDSM site

Cibernous Cubby swingers


Prestige video