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Photo Night 2
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Photography night March 09

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Photography night March 09 A group of about 25 photographers most of whom came down from Perth visited on 28/3/09. Organised by Bruce Jorgensen and Graeme Minchin associated with the Photographers in Perth group. The discussion thread is here.

I will post some of the best of the groups shots as well. But first, a couple of mine. I didn't have much opportunity to use my camera other than these two.

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Above is a partial group shot showing 15 of the cameras out of the 20 or so. The right photo was with the camera in a metal cage on the ground with a wide angle lens from the base of the firing Tesla coil showing the fluoro light string about 20 feet up.  Not a wonderful shot but my exposure kept turning off due to the intense radio frequency interference affecting my RF remote.  Not much time to trouble shoot as I was busy trying to run the show and keep the equipment going.

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I took these shots above the next night but the concept and hands were provided by Graeme Minchin from Michaelangelo's Creation of Adam The 3 above are the better ones from 100+ shots. Still not entirely happy with them re angle of Adam's hand and exposure.  The blue lens flare was a problem but doesn't detract too much.  It is a problem with sparks which are high intensity on a jet black background.  I had to light the hands without allowing any light onto the trees in the background.

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Above left is a shot of the wide angle lens a bit further from the coil base showing 7 foot sparks which at times were striking the camera cage. I had to manually push the button for a 5 second exposure then run and turn the coil on. Set to f10 so sparks weren't too bright but should have gone lower..  Right shot shows the fluoro lights lighting up with the energy from the Tesla coil. First time I have tested that. Sorry if it was a bit of a distraction in some wide shots.  Lots more later shots of up to 30 fluoros in a string here.  Anyway enough of me ....

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Bruddha Brudda

David Savage (OzSavage)

Belinda Ireland


(Tristan the Bunburarian above right has my vote for best of night so far)

Seng Mah

Janet Gray


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