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Tesla and HV link topics on this page include:


Tesla and HV links









(This is a work in progress and I only have about 41 sites but I have reviewed them all and included a picture. There are many more to come and I hope that this will be an easier way to sort through the many sites.  email me if you want your site on here sooner.)

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Tesla and HV links  2007   
Interest score.  This is my personal rating for Tesla and related HV stuff.
 *  don't bother, ** of interest to some, *** reasonable site, **** lot of good stuff, ***** Best sites

Google PageRank scores are from 0 to 10 and give an idea of popularity according to a complex formula.  My index page PageRank is 5 for comparison. 

Mikes Electric Stuff  (PageRank 5) ***** Mike has a focus on vacuum tubes and glassware but there is a huge amount of stuff in the HV, Tesla, laser and electronic line. He has the best Marx generator (1m sparks) around and some great high speed video stuff. You can get lost here for hours. I've recently enjoyed the ferrofluid and violet laser from a PS3 articles

Powerlabs (PageRank 5) **** Sam Barros' page is a huge site as well running since 2000. Highlights for me are his railgun, ignition coil and flyback drivers but there is a range of other HV, pulse power, laser, liquid nitrogen, chemistry and pyrotechnic stuff.   Some limited Tesla stuff. Sam is not good at keeping his word about exchanging links.  He also states on each page that people like me should be fined $50,000 for using his photo here. Draw your own conclusions.  Sam has a high public profile and has recently graduated. 1.4 megahits since 2000.

Bill Beaty's site  (PageRank 4) **** Contains a large number (?500 pages) of diverse articles and links about a variety of science stuff including Tesla.  It is not that helpful if you are looking for contemporary Tesla coil information.  It is a non-photo site that has been up for some 13 years and has a wide but often fringe science scope. This site has about 5 times the traffic that mine does (major size envy here).

Teslamania of Bert Hickman. (PageRank 4) **** Bert is a coinshrinker extraordinaire and also produces fabulous Lichtenberg figures.  Lots of details and examples.  Some Tesla stuff and interesting spark stuff. 1.2 megahits since 1999.


Dr Antonio C M de Queiroz   (PageRank 4) ***** The definitive electrostatic site with plenty of construction detail and millions of links.  Also lots of Tesla simulation stuff.

Jeff Beharry's Turn of the Century  Electrotherapy Museum (PageRank 4) ***** The definitive historical HV and Tesla site. Spend a few minutes/days/years browsing the 45,000 files there. Lots of pics videos and construction of all sorts of historical stuff.


Greg's Garage Tesla site (PageRank 0) ***** This is a great site and taught me a lot about NST's, ignition coils, MOT's, ballasting, ARSG's etc. My angle grinder spark gap is based on his. Lots of interesting approaches eg Marx-Tesla. Pictures and schematics are clear and extensive.  Not a bad place for beginners to start with.

Rapp Instruments (PageRank 4) **** This site is in German but each of the projects are so well presented and of display quality and cover a range of high voltage stuff from induction coils, Marx generators, Tesla coils including OLTC's and VTTC's as well as x-ray stuff, cloud chambers, high speed photography and even high speed x-ray photography.  Pics of gases at different pressures. Sadly no English version.

Paul Nylands "Bugman" (PageRank 5) ***** A diverse and extensive site with some TC, HV, Laser and ferrofluid stuff.  Also lots of the most amazing maths, physics and fractal simulations, graphics and .. . bugs. About 1 bzillion links to all sorts of stuff.

Richie Burnett (PageRank 3) ***** This is the technical site that people refer to to explain stuff about TC's. A wealth of clearly presented theory and practical stuff.  Nice 4MHz coil.


Stevehv  (PageRank 3) ***** Steve Wards main site. With his pioneering DRSSTC stuff (12 foot sparks). The musical DRSSTC's were popular on the net.  Extensive Tesla construction details and theory. Also lots of other HV stuff including with CW / Marx generators, Coinshrinking with MO caps etc.

Deepfriedneon (PageRank 3) **** Steve Bell's UK page has nice simple beginners Tesla stuff with good explanations and graphics.  I often refer beginners here.


Extremeelectronics (PageRank 3) ***** Derek Woodroffe's UK page.  I count something like 17 SSTC's here and numerous variations.  Lots of info and pics.  Includes claim to worlds smallest DRSSTC.  Technical rather than beginners. Lots of interesting stuff from the Nottingham Teslathon.

Scopeboy (PageRank 4) ***** Steve Connor's site from the UK. Lots of solid state Tesla coiling with detailed technical info. One of the musical DRSSTC pioneers. 


Bart Anderson (PageRank 4) ***** Bart's Classic Tesla site has lots of great info on making coils. The JavaTC V11.6 is THE best TC simulation program. Also for transformers, MMC's and spark gaps.


Greg Peters (PageRank 0) *** An Aussie site a few years old now but with 12 foot
sparks from 9kVA  spark gap coil. Shows a secondary winding burning up.  121 cap MMC and 240V pole pig.  Neat control box setup. Pics are limited.

Jim Lux (PageRank 4) *** Jim is someone who "knows" HV (unlike mere mortals like myself) . Sadly his HV text didn't get finished but what is there is very interesting stuff and worth a look.  Not a lot of Tesla stuff.  Interesting tornado special effects from his day job. (PageRank 0) **** Aaron and Justins big site is mostly down having a refit with only a few pics available. Look out for it when it returns though. Some nice Tesla, HV and Laser stuff. 15 foot sparks from their TC.

Jochen's High voltage page  (PageRank 4) **** This is mostly a HV site with some practical stuff about flybacks and ignition coils but has interesting vacuum and radioactivity sections.


Mike Strube (PageRank 0) *** A MOT powered coil with 40 shots of sparks and streamers. Reasonable contruction detail.

Extreme_skier (PageRank 4) * Tristan Stewarts site.  Good Tesla stuff and a nice can crushing article. He has some interesting stuff but his host is Tripod and is FULL of popups and unpleasant stuff some of which gets past my blockers.  Not recommended for this reason.  It's been inactive since ?2001.

Gravitymagnet (PageRank 0) * An alternative site from a disgruntled ?engineer who talks about "Orgone " energy. I couldn't find pics of any completed Tesla coils. There is some coin shrinking but the efficiency is poor.  He says the smallest coin in the pic needed 16kJ. Not recommended

Peter Reid  (PageRank 3) **** An Aussie coiler who has a 10kVA 8-MOT supply and claims 4m (12 foot) sparks .  Nice construction details of the various components and lots of spark pics.  I can't see a shot that clearly shows the spark 4 times the secondary length though but impressive power never the less.  Just the thing to wake up suburbia.

Thedatastream  (PageRank 2) *** James Pawson's UK site with useful SSTC and GDT info.


Altair (PageRank 5) *** Spark gap coils up to 50 inches. Some very clear diagrams. Some designs with conical primary and NST filters a bit dated. His TC graphic shown seems to be remarkably popular on Google images.


Electronika (PageRank 0) *** David from Czech Republic with a number of VTTC's. No English version.


Area31  (PageRank 2) *** Robert W. Stephens' commercial maker of Tesla coils and other H.V. museum/educational display devices.  Some nicely performing twin coils.  Uses creepage discs on some of his coils. Has a construction gantry to assemble his big coils.  Not much construction detail and not active since 1999.

RSCoppersmith (PageRank 0) *** Scott's older site on with his various coil details.  His twins shown here over-coupled and out of phase.


Madgyver  (Google PageRank 3) **  Some railgun stuff and more to come in this startup site. In German.


Rayer (PageRank 3) ***  A Czech site in English with Various spark gap TC's, VTTC's and SSTC's


John Dyer  (Google PageRank 3) **  Some reasonable spark pictures and coil details.



Matthias Kallenberger  (PageRank 2) ***  A startup site in German but has the most amazing homemade HV transformers up to 400 kV used for Jacobs ladders. Serious stuff firing this in a basement.  Also a 3 phase Jacobs ladder and some Tesla stuff.

Scott Bogard (PageRank 0) *** A has a 4 MOT coil and a few other projects including a plasma ball.  Also plays a restored trumpet to his Venus flytrap...


Omegalabs (PageRank 1) ** Some Tesla coils and coilguns in this Hungarian (?) site.  Also some pulse cap experiments and sodium generation.



Henning Umland (PageRank 3) *** Some excellent stuff on CW multipliers for x-ray stuff.  In English



Masque TeatroMasque Teatro (PageRank 2) *** An Italian artistic performance site with a dark steampunk theme. Check out the video.




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Commercial sites

Resonance research (PageRank 5) *** D C Cox's company that provides a variety of Tesla coils and other equipment particularly for science museum's.


kVA Effects (PageRank 4) *** Jeff Parisse's company that provides Tesla and HV effects. Lots of dramatic shows and stunts with examples of various media performances.  Bill Wysock is in this group. Has just had coils featured on Broadway in Young Frankenstein. Look out for the huge twin Tesla coils at the Beijing Olympics.

MGVolt (PageRank 4) *** professional TC shows in Thailand with shots of impressively performing coils.


Lighning on demand - Greg Leyh *** (PageRank 5) Built the Electrum and given $6 million or so will build the worlds biggest by far 122 feet tall running 8 MW. Recently did a small scale 1:10 solid state version.


HVFX  (PageRank 5) **** A UK commercial site with a variety of Tesla effects and dramatic sitting-on-a-TC type stunts. Lots of examples of public shows and media appearances in their portfolio section.  I particularly like the TC in an all weather inflatable sphere.

Zeusaphone (PageRank 0) * Steve Wards coming commercialization of the hugely successful "Singing Tesla coil at Duckon". Steve is one of the solid state pioneers with the DRSSTC. Go to Stevehv for the main site. See the video from Discovery Channel, Daily Planet here. (PageRank 3) **** A US commercial site with a variety of Tesla coils for sale including DRSSTC's. Includes a nice musical guitar DRSSTC using a Guitar Hero type setup for $5000. Nice stuff but criticisms include his wildly inflated TC voltages. Lifetime guarantee on the electronics.

FotoSearch A stock photo and video search site  with around 70 Tesla related videos for sale. A number are based on TC's from KVA effects.


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Tesla Memorial Society of New York  (PageRank 6)  *** A large active esla related group from New York. Sign the petition to get a Tesla St in Las Vegas! Now running for 28 years it has a lot of Tesla information but nothing on Telsa coiling and does contain some perpetuated inaccuracies.  790,000 visits

Tesla Forum of Western Australia(PageRank 3)  *** A large and active Aussie group promoting Tesla's legacy.  Managed to be under my radar in my home state despite me knowing the chairman.   Did a lot for Tesla's 150th with a convention with international speakers, the Tesla Play with Frank Tabbita, bust of Tesla and academic Tesla medals. One of the more active Tesla groups worldwide.

Tesla museum  Belgrade (PageRank 6) *** Visited Perth Western Australia 2006

Tesla Society (Switzerland) (PageRank 4) ***

NTesla.Org (PageRank 5) ** A school group that sells t-shirts to pay for busts of Tesla to be donated to Universities.  They've donated 19 so far.


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These are yet to be sorted........

Tesla - Master of Lightning  (PageRank 6) **  Scripts from PBS TV program.

TFC books on Tesla

Tesla Coil Mailing List Archives  Contains a wealth of information over nearly 10 years. A lot of cutting edge Tesla stuff such as DRSSTC modelling and TC optimisation programs.

Richard Hull's Coils big sparks from a magnifier and a conventional coil.

Spark length vs. voltage For use of an equation to estimate voltage of a DC spark. Note that this does NOT apply to Tesla coils due to spark growth at high frequency. It does apply to single shots though.

Predicted maximum spark length for Tesla coils by John Freau's formula.

Naphthenic transformer oil

Cornel  Dubilier capacitors for MMC's.

Tufnol high pressure laminate.

FANTC Tesla coil construction calculator.

Java TC 9.1  Tesla coil construction calculator.

Ballasting: see Ritchie Burnett's site.

Wire ratings  The various wire rating types.

Enameled wire The high temperature wire used in the 18 inch coil.

10 - 120 MV Lightning voltages.

flash/bang anti terrorist stuff with exploding aluminium powder.

Lifters by Naudin including an excellent registry of lifters from around the world. He has a lot of pseudoscienctific beliefs though.  Good section on HV supplies.

HV Truck James' model truck.  The UK's (small) answer to the Tesla on a car setup.

Sam's Laser FAQ (Google PageRank 6) A wealth of laser info in a huge non-graphic site. Scitech, a local science discovery centre which includes Tesla and HV demos.

high school Our local high school web site.

Gravity Discovery Center

People having fun doing this sort of stuff

Tesla Links on this page about other peoples coils and Tesla stuff (compiled 2007) include:

For Beginners construction

My top 10 Tesla related sitesHistorical coils
Commercial Tesla companies
Tesla Societies
Tesla events (Teslathons etc)
Tesla in Fiction
Tesla Alternative
Tesla Books
Tesla coilers
Solid State Tesla coil sites (DRSSTC etc)
Valve Tesla coil sites (VTTC)
Links to other big Links eg 4HV Tesla coils


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