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My name is Peter (nickname TDU) and I am a  50-something year old 1st year uni physics dropout.

My first electrical "wow" experience was perhaps at 8-10 years old when someone brought a big old fashioned dry cell to school. These were about the size of a drink can and had screw on terminals. He hooked a wire across the terminals and it glowed red. It was a magical moment burned in my memory.
Later my Dad introduced my to crystal sets and an electronics kit...

My first Electronics kit   (click to enlarge)

This was my first electronics kit from the late 60's. Actually mine is long gone but this is the exact same one from eBay and a very sentimental find.  I still remember many of the part numbers.  From this I made my first electronic project, a portable radio, when I was 12. High voltage followed a few years later in the course of developing some science projects like this.

     (click to enlarge)

High voltage 1972 style with twin ignition coils.

Science Talent Search  Science Talent Search (click to enlarge)

I won Science Talent Search prizes in 1970, 71 and 72

Since then almost nothing happened for 25 years (a regret of mine) due largely to work and city living with no available shed

In the last 10 years I have had more time to pursue the holy art of electrickery. This has been aided considerably by the internet and sites including those in links.

I currently live on the outskirts of a small coastal city in Western Australia on a one acre block. It is rural enough to have kangaroos coming up our drive occasionally and more importantly, neighbors are distant enough not to be bothered by noisy Tesla coils. My shed is below. 'A clean shed is a sign of a sick mind', I think someone said. (Actually the quotation was from Einstein "If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, of what then is an empty desk a sign?".)

(click to enlarge)

When not working in the shed, I cycle (my best effort 340 km in 24 hours in April 2006).  And I have a day job as well which mostly involves collecting pens (see below). 

   (click to enlarge)

This is 336 of my best pens collected over 10 years which I made into a display in August 2004 with a laser pen and LED light pen hardwired in the display. Two pens are the same - on either side of the airplane . It makes a bit of a change from watercolors for the office. It made the back cover of an Australian magazine and won me a case of wine.

  (click to enlarge)

Look into my eyes.. deep into my eyes. (my retinal shots from my optometrist).  The white disk is where the optic nerve comes into the back of the retina.  The dark blurred area is the macula where your prime focus is and has the greatest discrimination. The retinal veins are the larger red vessels and the arteries are paler but thinner and follow roughly the same course.

PT MRI  (click to enlarge)

MRI scan (above) just to show that the eyes attach to something. Never mind that my left cerebral cortex is trying to shove the right out of the way.

Tower award  (click to enlarge)

The Tower award from the Gravity Discovery Center for services to the GDS 2010.

Peter Terren colorful face  (click to enlarge)

Here, illuminated by LEDs from my bike.

Peter Terren  (click to enlarge)

And a straight shot for media....

And a poem by one of my patients, now 80 years old


By Mollie Groenheide

There is a saying of true fact
That the greatest unexplored area
In the world
Is under ones hat!!

There may be a person of exception
Who has truly seen the light!
Under his hat of invention
He creates images of artistic sights.

The courage of mountain climbers
Is inherent in many who endeavor to achieve,
To venture over the safety line
With dedicated belief to succeed.

Negatives, Positives, and circuit decisions
Surely demand accurate precision
To create firey rings and fantastic images
Effects real amazement by patients and visitors.

The enlarged photo in the waiting room
Is a conversation piece its true
And everyone moves closer for a better view
To seek the incredible knowledge of the truth.

The beautiful image arcing car and youth
Is a photo enlarged the proof of truth.
These electrical images incredibly mystic
Seem captured matter as if simplistic.

Though when the details in print are read,
It is perceived that only he who dares,
Has ventured, where very few would tread,
Surely all applaud, that under this hat

There is indeed a head
Quite explored.


Current time and temperature in Perth, Western Australia

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